Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Crap! I’m going to be 50

I don’t understand people who don’t want to tell their age or hate birthdays. I have always liked to celebrate mine. Much rather have birthdays than not!

People seem to expect me to be upset with turning 50. Oddly enough it doesn’t bother me. I do find it somewhat shocking to say, “ I’ll be 50”. Wow 50, such a grown up age. Holy crap, when did this happen?

What bothers me the most is that it happened so fast. A wrinkle here and there doesn’t bother me. My frizzy hair and extra hair in odd places bothers me more.

But mostly I am amazing calm and don’t really mind saying, “hey, I’ll be 50”. However, it could just be a false calm, a side effect of crazy pills.