Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Soap

Making soap

My endever to create a giant soap dynasty is getting off to a rough start. Using a gylcerine soap making kit is not very cost effeincent. Making soap from scratch with lye is cheap but scary. Using lye is just as dangerous as all the articles say it is. The internet says do not let lye come in contact with aluminum. I thought it just meant aluminum foil. Apparently, it means all aluminum and that includes aluminum pans.  When lye meets aluminum it can be scary, albeit amazing. It becomes a mass of hot steaming lava. I am now down one aluminum pan, a few minor chemical burns to my face and eyes ( nothing perminate.. I have my vision back). The extra good news is that Peek doesn't seem to have any permanent lung damage from the noxious poisonsous steam from boiling lye water.

Gloria Stewart