Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stage Fright, I’ve Had It

This past December I had a small part a play at little Bedford Theatre. I had never done anything plays and it was a small role about six lines. So I thought, why not, my 16 yo daughter has memorized whole scripts. Surely I can memorize 6 measly lines. It turned out that it was harder than I thought. I had to focus really hard on my 6 measly lines. I’m sure glad it was a small role. I asked my daughter for tips on how she memorized so many lines and even some of the other players’ lines… she was no help... Basically she told me “geez mom. It is only 6 lines”. So I practiced at work, in the car and home. My co-workers and my 8 yo grandson had my lines down. You see, I had trouble remembering this line…. “Nail down the church, lock up the silver service and hide the collection plate they will clean them out”…it was silver service that me threw off… I have never used silver service in a sentence… who says that?

It was finally opening night and I was so nervous. My heart pounding hard and fast and my knees were literally shaking. It was my time to come out on stage. With my stomach churning, heart pounding and knees knocking, on stage I went and I nailed it, I was perfect. I didn’t miss a word. My second queue for my next few lines was right after the choir sang silent night. I didn’t miss my queue or my words... such excitement and rush after knowing you did it! Oh how fun... a star was born! Next 2 nights... was a blast, I was relax enjoying feeling confident and feeling somewhat disappointed that we only had two more nights to go.

Fourth night, when it was time to say “Nail down the church, lock up the silver service and hide the collection plate they will clean them out”… I said Nail down the Church…. I think I experienced what it must be like to have a stroke. I think if I was asked my name, birth date and current president. I could not have told you. My mind was totally blank. I could see the look of pain and encouragement all over the actors face. It took all I could do to save myself. I had to reach way down inside all the way to my toes just to be able to find some words to save myself... any words.. What seemed like forever I was able to blurt out “or they will clean them out”.

I was horrified. I began to panic that I wouldn’t remember my next lines after the Christmas carol, Silent Night…. Now I will never be able to hear silent night again without my heart pounding, knees shaking and an intense desire to run out the back door. I can’t remember my characters name but I can assure you “Nail down the church, lock up the silver service and hide the collection plate they will clean them out”… is forever engraved my mind. Yeah stage fright I had it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Science Fair 2011

I have been doing science projects for over 20 years. I never get honorable mention just the same old blue ribbon that they give every other kid. I’ve had some pretty good projects too. I am beginning to think it is the fault of the presenter. If only they would let me present the project, instead of a 4th grader. I think my best bet is to sharpen Jalen's communication skills. Well, for starters some communication skills.. Then we'll sharpen them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Blundering Blogger: The Hitler Channel..

The Blundering Blogger: The Hitler Channel..: "I love TV... I look forward to the fall lineup of new shows and the return of old favorites. I can easily get hooked on a series and I'll wa..."

The Hitler Channel..

I love TV... I look forward to the fall lineup of new shows and the return of old favorites. I can easily get hooked on a series and I'll wait with anticipation for the following week. I watch and record several different series and sitcoms. It amazes me how quickly and how often they will put reruns on. A re-run right in the middle of a series, is just plain annoying. Although at times, I'll appreciate the opportunity to re-watch a program that I have enjoyed or one that I have missed the first time around. An "I love Lucy" or an "Andy Griffin" re-run can seem as fresh as the first time you've seen it. Then there are shows that I rarely watch and just my luck, I will catch the re-run of the only episode I’ve watched.

There is one station that has me contemplating a Kamikaze attack (kind of hard since I don't have a plane) or a banzai attack (A lesser known WWII suicide attack where the attacker doesn't expect to die but plans too….. can you say dumb ass?). It is the WWII channel that has me fantasying about going all Fukuryu or Nikaku on Ron it he doesn't turn the channel. I call this channel the Hitler Channel.

In spite of my murderous contemplations this channel leads me to, I have picked up some varies Hitler facts. For instant, did you know that Hitler had Parkinson's disease, gastro-intestinal symptoms and skin problems. I picked some other useless information about Hitler, while Ron is getting his WWII fix. Did you know that he was painter, he was homeless for 8 years, hated his dad, he was a vegetarian, he only liked people with blonde hair blue eyes and he was Austrian.

Don’t get me wrong. I am proud to be a daughter of a WWII veteran and we should never forget the greatest generation and their war. I am just making some observations that this channel never has a re-run ( you can argue that every episode is a re-run from 65 years or so ago)

It is just that it amazes me how a new series can have a re-run right in the middle of the season and the Hitler channel never has the same battle or the same biography. Much to Ron’s delight and to my despair there seems to be and endless supply of "new footage that no one has ever seen before".

*Fukuryu -- Human mine - Swimmers carry an explosive charge beneath a ship or landing craft.
**Nikaku -- Human anti-tank mine - Soldiers with explosives strapped to their bodies

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Affair with Netflex

Yes, I admit I am a TV addict. My top TV series that I highly recommend with 1 being the best

1. Breaking Bad

2. Weeds

3. Sons of Anarchy

4. Rescue me

5. Justified

6. Damages

7. Heroes

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flying with Camping Gear

Tent camping in national parks is amazing. Since most Nationals parks are far from our home and vacation days from work is limited, flying is best option us. I can tell you that packing camping gear for air traveling takes some creative thinking. Since most airlines charges you for checking in baggage, inventive packing abilities certainly is a must have. Gone are the days where each of us have one carry-on bag and two 50lb check- in bags.

September 4 – 9, Ron and I will be tent camping at the Grand Canyon National Park. US air had the best air tickets; however, they charge $25.00 for first bag checked-in each way. A second bag is $35 and a third is $100! Needless to say we’ll be checking in one bag.

I start out making a list of things I absolutely must have. I study that list and subtract even more items. Must have items include tent, 2 air mattress, sleeping bags and 2 pillows, Coffee pot, and hiking stove. Ideally we’d like to have lawn chairs too. Yes we have flown with lawn chairs. Three chairs as a matter of fact.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It is summertime. It is suppose to be hot.

I hate winter. I even hate the beautiful fall season. I hate fall because of the season that follows it. You are not going to find me complaining about this heat. However, I must Say,  I am thankful for air conditioners. I must have a cold room to sleep. But seriously folks stop complaining about the heat. It won't be long before we'll be dreaming of summer time and wishing it was here. So stay calm, wear cool clothes or none at all.