Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flying with Camping Gear

Tent camping in national parks is amazing. Since most Nationals parks are far from our home and vacation days from work is limited, flying is best option us. I can tell you that packing camping gear for air traveling takes some creative thinking. Since most airlines charges you for checking in baggage, inventive packing abilities certainly is a must have. Gone are the days where each of us have one carry-on bag and two 50lb check- in bags.

September 4 – 9, Ron and I will be tent camping at the Grand Canyon National Park. US air had the best air tickets; however, they charge $25.00 for first bag checked-in each way. A second bag is $35 and a third is $100! Needless to say we’ll be checking in one bag.

I start out making a list of things I absolutely must have. I study that list and subtract even more items. Must have items include tent, 2 air mattress, sleeping bags and 2 pillows, Coffee pot, and hiking stove. Ideally we’d like to have lawn chairs too. Yes we have flown with lawn chairs. Three chairs as a matter of fact.


  1. Should have went southwest

  2. I suggest you create or print the following list, which will help you prepare for the trip. If the package trucks, trucks, mules, or other trip, view the items you add. Another great organizational skills is to buy large lightweight backpacking tents.

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