Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Hitler Channel..

I love TV... I look forward to the fall lineup of new shows and the return of old favorites. I can easily get hooked on a series and I'll wait with anticipation for the following week. I watch and record several different series and sitcoms. It amazes me how quickly and how often they will put reruns on. A re-run right in the middle of a series, is just plain annoying. Although at times, I'll appreciate the opportunity to re-watch a program that I have enjoyed or one that I have missed the first time around. An "I love Lucy" or an "Andy Griffin" re-run can seem as fresh as the first time you've seen it. Then there are shows that I rarely watch and just my luck, I will catch the re-run of the only episode I’ve watched.

There is one station that has me contemplating a Kamikaze attack (kind of hard since I don't have a plane) or a banzai attack (A lesser known WWII suicide attack where the attacker doesn't expect to die but plans too….. can you say dumb ass?). It is the WWII channel that has me fantasying about going all Fukuryu or Nikaku on Ron it he doesn't turn the channel. I call this channel the Hitler Channel.

In spite of my murderous contemplations this channel leads me to, I have picked up some varies Hitler facts. For instant, did you know that Hitler had Parkinson's disease, gastro-intestinal symptoms and skin problems. I picked some other useless information about Hitler, while Ron is getting his WWII fix. Did you know that he was painter, he was homeless for 8 years, hated his dad, he was a vegetarian, he only liked people with blonde hair blue eyes and he was Austrian.

Don’t get me wrong. I am proud to be a daughter of a WWII veteran and we should never forget the greatest generation and their war. I am just making some observations that this channel never has a re-run ( you can argue that every episode is a re-run from 65 years or so ago)

It is just that it amazes me how a new series can have a re-run right in the middle of the season and the Hitler channel never has the same battle or the same biography. Much to Ron’s delight and to my despair there seems to be and endless supply of "new footage that no one has ever seen before".

*Fukuryu -- Human mine - Swimmers carry an explosive charge beneath a ship or landing craft.
**Nikaku -- Human anti-tank mine - Soldiers with explosives strapped to their bodies

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